Lord Krishna Images, Photos & HD Wallpapers (Radha Krishna)

Download Krishna Images & Photos & HD Wallpapers:- There are numerous Gods and Goddess in the Hindu religion. Lord Krishna is one of the most renowned Gods all around the globe. Lord Krishna is called by various names by his followers like Baal Gopal, Krishna, Kanha, and others. In this post, I will be sharing a beautiful Images of Lord Krishna. You can download these Krishna images, photos and wallpapers for social media and for your desktop background.

The story of the journey of Lord Krishna is ever popular in the minds of not only his pupils but also to others. The journey of Lord Krishna from his childhood to adulthood can be seen in various images forms. Each stage of his life has a definite meaning and so does each of the Lord Krishna images.

God Krishna Images, Wallpapers, Photos & Pics

Lord Krishna images showcase bright smile, calmness, and wisdom in him. There are an immense belief and faith in the Almighty by his devotees. The Lord Krishna images work wonders for elders and seniors also devotees. As there are in love with his images be it every morning or in special festivities like Janmashtami.

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राधा कृष्ण का मिलन तो बस एक बहाना था
दुनिया को प्यार का सही मतलब जो समझाना था.
जब कृष्ण ने बंसी बजाई, तो राधा मोहित होने लगी
जिसे कभी न देखा था उसने, उससे मिलने को व्याकुल होने लगी

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Jab bhor hui to maine Kanha ka Naam liya,
Subah ki pehli Kiran ne fir mujhe uska Pegaam diya,
Saara Din bas Kanhaiya ko Yaad kia,
Jab Raat hui to fir maine use odh liya

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Krishna Wallpapers Download

Radha-Radha japne se o jayega teri udhar,
Kyoki yahi vo naam hai Jis se tere Krishana ko hai Pyar

Radha Krishan Images With Quotes

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Lord Krishna Photos work as a sign of wishing Good luck and prosperity and also expressing your sincere respect towards to which we send it. Janmashtami is a special occasion when people search out for the numerous best images of Lord Krishna because it is the day when Lord Krishna took birth.

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