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Maa Durga is believed to be one of the strongest and most versatile Goddesses of Hindu belief. Often represented as a woman of courage and dignity, Maa Durga is worshipped in many forms all over the world by the people of Hind faith. Durga Puja is the most favorite festival for all the Bengalis. Not only in Kolkata but all around the globe people love to celebrate Durga Puja. In this post, we have shared a huge collection of Maa Durga Images, Photos & HD Wallpapers. You can also download sherawali Maa Durga photos & Durga Devi images.

Maa Durga is a Hindu Goddess who is created by the primary lords Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. She is the ultimate idol of power, love, and beauty. She is an emblem of the Shakti. She is admirable for her beauty, anger, resilience and other attributes. She has many roles and many names.

Durga Maa Images, Pictures & HD Wallpapers

Maa Durga images are the most in-demand images for she is loved by everyone. In Durga Puja, Navratri devotees look forward to Maa Durga Images. She is one of the popular female Goddess and people look forward to her for strength and power in their life. Maa Durga stories are as much famous as Maa Durga pics. Here we have listed Durga Devi HD images with Mantra. I hope you like it.

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हमको था इंतजार वो घड़ी आ गई,
होकर सिंह पर सवार माता रानी आ गई,
होगी अब मन की हर मुराद पूरी,
हरने सारे दुख माता अपने द्वार आ गई।
जय माता दी।

Durga Devi Images, Photos For Whatsapp

Maa Durga photo can be sent to people of any age group or faith because she is universally accepted Goddess of courage. Sending a Maa Durga Devi image indicated that you are seeking courage and strength for the person and marks your genuine belief towards the well being of him or her.

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Ya devi sarvo bhuteshu
shakti rupen samsthita
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